Caught in AdultFriendFinder’s Massive Data Breach? Here’s What to Do

So it has happened again.  Another website hacked.  another 400 MILLION users with their information exposed to the world.  Why bring this up?  Simple.  The holiday shopping season is about to be upon us, and folks will try to hack sites and take personal info again.

A four suggestions to help keep America beautiful AND your personal data safe:

  1. Don’t use your real name.  Most sites where you buy things allow you to send things as gifts.  So they really don’t care of the name on the subscription matches the name on the order.
  2. Don’t use your real phone number.  Sign up for a Google Voice or Talkatone account, and use that forwarding number.  You get the call on your phone, but they don’t have your real number.
  3. Create a Google email account.  Again, the premise is simple…they don’t have your real email, so you have one more layer of insulation.
  4. Use a prepaid credit card.  This is a gimme.  You find the item you want to purchase online, or a site you want to subscribe to.  You go out and buy a prepaid card worth enough to cover the bill and use it.  That way, if your account is hacked, the only thing the hacker gets is irritated!

Hope this helps, and gives you something to think about.  If you have any suggestions to keep your personal data safe online, please safe it in the comments area below.

Source: Caught in AdultFriendFinder’s Massive Data Breach? Here’s What to Do


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