iPhone headphone jack – In memoriam: 13 tech products we lost in 2016

Ran across this today, and thought it would be an interesting item to share.  And as usual, I have a couple of comments to make on some of the items we lost.

Picasa – probably the best software to use to catalog images and do some basic editing.  best of all, it was non-destructive, meaning whatever changes you made to the image, it did not affect the original, because Picasa created a small file in the directory with the image, and just told the program how to output the edited image.  It also gave you the ability to make basic slideshow type videos, and upload direct to your Google Photo account and/or YouTube.  Although  Google will not be supporting it any longer, if you have the opportunity to download and install it, I think it would be a wise move.

VCRs – Tape is dead.  Long live digital.  Now all you need to do is find a way to convert all your old family videos to DVD  if you haven’t already.  There are some VCR-DVR recorder units out there, specifically at Amazon, that will record straight from video to DVD…IF the tapes are copyrighted.  If they are, too bad, so sad.  The units run about $200 US, so you might want to grab one while you can.

Vine – Never one of my favorites, due to the time constraints and the platform constraints.  It is much easier to just shoot a video with your mobile device, then use an app to post it over multiple platforms to the correct format.  And generally, you can get at least 60 seconds of video on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.

Blackberry – About the only good thing I have ever had to say about Blackberrys is that when handled appropriately, they make a good cobbler.  I think I will stick with that.

There are probably many other technology items that have gone the way of the T-rex, so if you have any favorite items not mentioned in the article, feel free to post about it in the comments area below.

Source: iPhone headphone jack – In memoriam: 13 tech products we lost in 2016 – CNNMoney


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