Alexa: Who dunnit?

Technology is good and useful, but much like Santa Claus, it knows who has been naughty and nice, and COULD possibly be used against you in a court of law.  This article about a murder investigation in Arkansas involves cloud assistants (Echo by Amazon) and high tech water meters that can show when and how much water you used.

As you are all aware, privacy issues are popping up all over the place with the continuing technological advances.  You might recall the article I posted recently on how personal health trackers COULD be used to influence your insurance costs.

Although tech providers are not always giving up the data they have so easily, there could come a day when, in the words of the Police song, “I’ll be watching you” is the rule rather than the exception.

I am not posting this to put fear in the hearts of you folks.  Just want to make folks aware of how things are changing because of technology.  If you have any thoughts, comments or opinions you want to share about this post, please leave me a comment in the comments area below.

Source: Alexa: Who dunnit?


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