5 Ways Your USB Stick Can Be a Security Risk

USB sticks pose a real security risk to you and anyone who uses one.  Viruses and malware that hitch a ride on a stick can be transferred from machine to machine with ease.  If you keep personal info on a stick, and lend it to someone, they could then access your content, or worse, be hacked from their own computer and have your personal files stolen without you even knowing it.  And if you pick up a stick at a trade show or conference, you are really putting yourself at risk.  These items come in from some vendor who may or may not have saved some bucks by using the lowest cost distributor who could possibly has poor cyber security practices.

PLUS…most everyone uses mobile devices these days, and utilize other methods to move their content from place to place.  AND the files you are trying to share may be too large to fit on a USB stick.  My solution?  Use cloud storage to move files around, and share with others.  Obviously, you are not gonna want to put highly sensitive personal data in the cloud.  You can use an external hard drive for that, but it won’t be getting plugged into any old computer.

So check out the article, and if you can think of anything to add to it, please do.  My comments area is feeling a little unloved because no one wants to share their thoughts and opinions.

Source: 5 Ways Your USB Stick Can Be a Security Risk


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