Three New Year’s tech resolutions you must keep

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Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping 2017 will be a great year for you.  And here is an article that provides three great ideas for your cyber-protection this year:  Passwords, Backup, and Digitization.

We have talked about all three at this site at different times, and now is just as good a time as any to go for the hat trick.  With all the concerns over hacking and password breaches, it might be a good time for us all to go in and figure out a new password scheme for all your accounts.  Then use a substitution scheme to change your password regularly without forgetting what it is.

The other two items, backup and digitization, go hand in glove.  With mobile being the most used medium, you really need to be able to access your content from the cloud, since that is the easiest way to get to your content.  That is NOT to say you should put confidential documents in the cloud.  But photos, presentations, and content that you need is easily uploaded.  AND, you can always zip and password protect files so that only someone with the password can uncompress and access it.

The REALLY confidential content, along with freshly generated content, can be backed up on an external hard drive.  That gives you portability, and a library of external drives to grab if you ever have to leave your home or office quickly due to natural disaster, AND it will be up to date IF you backup regularly.  You can even just save content directly to an external drive and cloud device to save time.  That way if your laptop is ever stolen, you don’t have to worry about content falling into the wrong hands.

And digitization…if you are not digitizing your old hard copy photos and documents and videos, you could be in trouble.  The last VCR came off the assembly line last month, and when they are gone, all the VHS tapes you have are just worthless stacks of magnetic tapes.  Find a VCR/DVD Recorder and begin digitizing your tapes to digital media, or bring a lot of hankies.  Same with old bank statements, or family documents or other personal papers.

So give this article a looksee and start your 2017 off on the correct foot.  If you have any thoughts you would like to share on passwords schemes, cloud storage, or digitization, drop your comments in the box below.

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