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Privacy Policy

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If you have visited my site often enough, or ever, or even if you are a new visitor, you might notice the new page in the menu:  ToS and Privacy Policy.  What is this and what does it mean?  Well, nothing is changing with the site.  I am still just blogging and sharing content I find on the web.  But as an app developer, I got an email from Google last week stating that I had to begin including a privacy policy in my Google Play store and in my apps.  Why?  I guess everyone is just concerned about being hacked or having their personal info stolen.

So, I decided rather than wait until I got a notice for my blog, that I would go ahead and generate a ToS and Privacy Policy for the site.  Yeah yeah…Happy New Year to me!  Now, Since I am not a lawyer, I do not play one on TV, and I did NOT spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I decided to search out help on ToS and PP via the web.

There are several sites listed, and some are very detailed.  If you own a business and have a website that gathers anything other than dust and static electricity, you may want to do a search yourself.  In the meantime, of you just want to generate something just to be cool, you might want to visit and generate your OWN ToS and PP for your site.  It’s free, and a start, and if you decide you want something more, I am sure you can find someone willing to let you pay them to create something.

Anyway, there’s your interesting tip for the day.  Don’t you miss the frontier days of the internet sometimes!  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject of ToS and PP in the comments area below.


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