6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

My background is originally in video production.  Now granted, that was in a different century AND millennium, and production techniques have changed, but I have tried to stay up with things.  I do understand the desire for the current generation to use their mobile devices to both gather and edit video.  And while I agree with gathering video on mobile devices, I am still not sold on trying to edit on a phone or a tablet.  The screen size is too small, the audio may not be sufficient enough to hear all audio imperfections, and while I am probably the exception rather than the rule, my fingers just don’t cut it when trying to fine tune edits and crop points.

With all that being said, there IS a time and place for doing rough edits on a mobile device, and after reading this article, you can find some good apps for your iOS devices to accomplish your editing.

So take a look, and if you have any comments or want to share any software you are using, and your take on the editing process, please share with everyone in the comments area below.

Source: 6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad


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