Capture Streaming Video From Any Website With These 5 Tools

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Streaming video has become a way of life on the internet.  Unfortunately, a lot of educators do not have access to the “free world” internet in their classrooms.  So, they like to try to capture videos from the wild to use in their classroom.  Now, while in most instances, it is ILLEGAL to capture and show videos without written permission from the copyright owner, I know that folks need to be able to do what they feel they need to do.

With that being said, there are plenty of sites, most notably YouTube and Vimeo that offer creative commons licensed content that you can download legally.  But you need the software listed in this article to help you do so.

Personally, I have used Freemake Video for many years.  It is regularly updated, and has very nice features, including the ability to do basic cut and trim editing on videos, as well as convert to different formats and create DVD’s and CD’s.  And the download from URL feature is exceptional.

So check out the article, good luck with your downloading, and feel free to share any other software programs you think others would be interested in trying.

Source: Capture Streaming Video From Any Website With These 5 Tools


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