Viral selfie app under fire for sneaky data collection

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Seems like every time you turn around, some new app is sweeping through the world.  Pokeyman (yes I KNOW that is not the name) made a gigantic appearance in the summer of 2016.  Of course turns out that folks were using the app to trick people into coming to areas where the only thing waiting on them were criminals.  Real, PHYSICAL, criminals.

As everyone knows, games are not the only craze today.  Selfies are another hot item.  Seems EVERYONE, yes myself included, has to post a selfie in some app like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.  And many of the apps have filters which allow you to transform yourselfie (nice play on words huh!!) into something new and magical.

Only problem is, especially with the app in this article, unlike Pokeyman which lead you into real and present danger, Meitu collects personal data that can place you in virtual danger from hacking and tracking via cyberspace.

So take a look at the article, and share any other apps you may be aware of that are getting a bad name because of their sneaky way of putting you in harm’s way…virtually.

Source: Viral selfie app under fire for sneaky data collection – Jan. 20, 2017


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