Microsoft Forces OneDrive Users to Start Using NTFS

Well hello everyone.  Bet you thought, or hoped, I had fallen victim of the latest “the world is flat” craze and fallen off the edge of the planet.  Not quite.  Just been busy the last couple of months enjoying my photography hobby and covering lots and lots of college baseball.  Which brings me to this topic:  Microsoft OneDrive.

Now as many of you know, you can get limited free cloud storage through Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, amongst a host of others.  All are good, and all offer varying amounts of free cloud storage.  But apparently Microsoft in it’s infinite wisdom, or greed, has decided that it’s OneDrive users can only use the site IF they are using the NTFS format system.  What does this mean?  Well, basically, if you are still using a computer that is formatted with the FAT32 format, you can no longer access your OneDrive account until you format your computer with NTFS.  Interesting huh.

Check out the article below, and share you thoughts in the comment area if you wish.

Source: Microsoft Forces OneDrive Users to Start Using NTFS


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