3 Places to Find Excellent Royalty-Free Video Clips

Image courtesy http://MakeUseOf.com

Hello again, and I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I have been working the last few days editing some footage of different recent events, like my niece’s law school graduation, the aftermath of a tornado that passed over me, and some baseball stuff.  During the course of these productions, I found the need to do split screens like you see on entertainment tv (i.e. cnn, foxnews, etc) and needed some nice animated backgrounds behind the different screens  But where can I find these components, and especially, where can I find them for FREE?

Check out the article at the link below on where you can find some high quality and HD clips for free.  Now this article only lists a few, and soon I will post something that contains links to many more sites I have found.  But for now, check out the article, then check out the sites, and if you have any you want to share, please feel free to add them to the comments area.

Oh yeah, I know you are wondering, “Why does the post image you selected have NOTHING to do with the content of the article?”.  Glad you asked.  I decided if it is good enough for folks like CBS Sports to put images in their posts that have NOTHING to do with the article, maybe I should give it a try myself.  Did it work?

Source: 3 Places to Find Excellent Royalty-Free Video Clips


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