Two-fer Tuesday

internet-things-670x335Sometimes I catch myself wondering what to post about.  Usually, I stick to things I know something about; other times, I post about things that I find interesting.  Today is one of those interesting things type of day.  

As you may know, I am an Android user, and always have been.  However, I have had the opportunity to use Apple products, so I try to pass along interesting tidbits that I run across for iOS mobile devices.

Today, I want to share a list of top apps for both Android AND iOS mobile devices.  I can say that for the Android list, I have been using many of the apps listed, and find them very useful.  And while I have used an iPad and iPhone a little bit in the past, I can not swear to how beneficial the apps listed in the iOS list are.

But here they are.  You can take a look and decide for yourself.  AND, if you have any apps you wish to share with everyone, feel free to post in in the comments area below.

The Best Android Apps

The Best Mac Apps


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