Get prepared for a $1,400 iPhone

Great googily moogily.  $1,400 for a mobile phone?  Are you kidding me?  Be sure to check out this article, as you may be looking at the next space race.  two things that jump out at me:  you are paying top dollar for a state of the art screen that you can not really see in bright daylight, AND you are paying for 256 GB internal storage?  My question is WHY?

Think about it for a minute.  You are gonna shell out big bucks for something that is primarily a phone.  Sure, it has a good camera that you can use for quick point and shoot photography.  And sure you can shoot HD video on it, again, in point and shoot fashion.  But why would you?  For less than $1,000 you can get a prosumer grade DSLR with true optical zoom and HD video capture capability, and it’s a dedicated device.  Of course, you can’t use a DSLR as a phone, but who would want to.

Personally, I have a mobile phone with 32 GB of storage and a 24 megapixel camera for photos, and 4K capability for video.  But I use it primarily as a phone and communications device, and use the camera for super wide angle shots so I don’t have to keep changing lenses on my DSLR or bring extra cameras with extra lenses.

Anyway, enjoy the article, and drop me your thoughts and opinions on whether you are going to pay $1,400 for a cellphone or not.  And, there are NO wrong or bad answers.

Source: Get prepared for a $1,400 iPhone


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