Pay attention for signs of Blue Whale

This is something that is not necessarily technology related, but then again, it is.  My brother Steven first alerted me about this recently, when he posted a link on Facebook about this.  Then, today, articles about the Blue Whale Challenge are starting to hit mainstream media.  Apparently this is some sort of online suicide game that young people are getting involved with.

Please take time to read the article, and if you have kids or have friends with kids, make sure they are aware of this.  This is done online over the course of about 50 days.  Because it uses so much technology and pop culture that kids are using these days, you may not see the signs at first.

If you are a teacher or coach or anyone who has daily dealings with young people, you may want to do some research on this subject, as it could help you spot someone who is involved with it.

Read the article, and if you have any comments, please add them to the comments area below.

And thanks for taking time to read this.

Source: Family finds clues to teen’s suicide in blue whale paintings –


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