We may have seen the future of TV news this week, and we like it

Many years, a century, and a millennium ago, I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and earned a degree (BS, 1983) in Broadcast Journalism .  We learned about journalism, researching stories, getting corroboration, and fact finding BEFORE we put out a story.  I also worked on a student news show that was cablecast in Hattiesburg, MS.  Again, we researched the stories, edited them, and then released them.  Getting the information correct and telling the story so EVERYONE could understand it was the main emphasis.

Today, it seems that journalism has moved further away from getting the facts right, and reporting a story fairly and correctly, to just getting something out there first to help sell toothpaste and toiletries.  24 hour news (I refuse to use the word CYCLE), social media and the Internet have changed how we get our news coverage.

This article promotes the new “Snapchat” generation news.  Sixty second stories told in fly, hip hop lingo, by fly, hip hop presenters.  I know technology is ever changing, but not so sure the way we cover things should.  Shortcutting and dumbing down stuff does not help the younger generations.  It caters to a trend.  When the kids grow up, they may or may not know what to expect, or actually DEMAND, from real journalism.

Anyway, I better jump off my soapbox for now.  In the old days, according to Andy Warhol, you could expect 15 minutes of fame.  Now, it looks like I only get sixty seconds.

Thoughts, comments and opinions welcome in the comment area below.

Source: We may have seen the future of TV news this week, and we like it


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