YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows being retired

Google is at it again.  A little a year ago, they announced they were going to “retire” Picasa, their great photo editing software.  They said it was because the online photo editor, Google Photos, was much better.  And while Google Photos is good, it does not have nearly the capabilities (at least in my opinion) as Picasa, I use Google Photos primarily for storage, and it is nice to be able to edit things online if you are mobile.  But to me, it is like the Windows and iOS operating systems:  they are dumbed down to the point young users don’t have the first clue as to how thing work under the hood.

Now, Google has decided to get rid of the video editor and slide show maker in YouTube.  Again, they are taking away some tools that users had had their disposal that could be used for teachers to demonstrate basic editing skills.  Also, the video editing and photo slideshow creation capabilities were features of, you guessed it, Google Picasa, which was retired in May of 2016.

So take a look at the article, and if you have any suggestions for FREE video editing or photo slide show creation software, be sure to post them in the comments are in the box below.

As for me, the hunt for software begins again!

Source: YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows being retired – gHacks Tech News


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