What Is Wi-Fi Calling and How Does It Work?

Image courtesy MakeUseOf.com

Image courtesy MakeUseOf.com

I recently purchased a new phone, and one of the categories in the settings was “Wf-Fi calling”  Now I have been using Google Voice for VoIP calling for nearly 10 years now, but it was the first time I had seen this setting on a phone.  Granted it had been nearly four years since I got a new phone, but still…

So when I ran across this article, I decided to read up on it and share.  It is really kinda neat.  If you ever find yourself in a location with a bad cellular signal, your phone can automatically switch over to a public wi-fi network and you can begin or continue your call seamlessly.

Now while I have never actually been in a situation that required it, just think of the possibilities if you are at a conference or in a building that suppresses your cell signal.  You can connect to the wi-fi network, and never miss a call.

Of course, you lose your built-in “I had no cell signal” excuse, but, things happen!!  Be sure to share your thoughts or comments on using wi-fi for cell calls if you have ever used it.

Source: What Is Wi-Fi Calling and How Does It Work?

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