Honolulu makes looking at phone while crossing street illegal

FINALLY!!!!  Someone somewhere finally had the common sense and the stones to pass a law making it illegal to look at your cell phone while crossing the street!!  Now if they will only enforce that law.  And hopefully, others will join in and do the same.

One thing that really vexes my soul is when folks pay more attention to their phone and the text conversation they are having, than what is going on in the world around them.  Especially on college campuses.  Granted, students are protected species on college campuses, but at the same time, they should bear some responsibility to watch where they are going and respect those folks who are driving somewhere and have to go through a campus.  Is there really something so important that you have to read it while you are walking?  Kinda like being on your cellphone in a restroom or in a checkout line or wandering up and down the aisles at a supermarket or store.

Anyway, I think I go walk down the street to the supermarket and do some shopping and then check out…all while looking at my phone to see if anyone comments on this post!!!  Or comments to me how rude I am for doing that!

Source: Honolulu makes looking at phone while crossing street illegal – CNN.com


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