This Happens When Windows 10 Support Ends

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Image courtesy

Sitting here as the calendar is about to turn to August, and browsing news feeds, I ran across this article on Windows 10, and when support will end.  Most everyone I know who uses a Windows-based machine has made the move to Windows 10.  Even I made the move to a laptop with Windows 10 as the operating system.  However, I have a couple of older machines that are still very functional, but are not able to support Windows 10.  One uses Windows 7, and one still has Windows XP on it.  Ancient huh.  And yes, both were purchased in this century.

So I am always interested when Microsoft announces end of support dates on their different operating systems.  Be sure you take a look at the link below to make sure your version of Windows 10 is not losing support.  Now I know, your first question is, “How do I know what version of Windows 10 do I have?”  That is a good question with a quick and simple answer.  Just follow the instructions contained at this link, and you can find out what version if Windows 7, 8 or 10 you are using.

Be sure to read the article so you understand what the end of support means to you, and about life-cycle for Windows products, and exactly what it means.

Source: This Happens When Windows 10 Support Ends


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