Reframing how we talk about career and technical education

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It was about this time in 1983 that I joined the “real” workforce for the first time.  And my first job?  Producing training videos for the Mississippi Department of Vocational Technical Education.  Workforce Training.  Now while 1983 is a long time away from 2017, somethings are still a hot topic for discussion.  Predominantly, how we talk about what is now Career and Technical Education and how it is perceived.

During the four decades I spent on the job, things changed, from what was once perceived as a place that you stuck students who really did not like the academic side of education, or needed to stick someone to keep them eligible to participate in athletics.  But today, Career Tech students play a vital role in society.  The article that my friend Wayne Eason shared with me gives you some good information on how Career Tech is continually evolving to help fill the workforce with highly skilled individuals that were ready to get into the workforce.

Be sure to check out the statistics in the article about how CTE stacks up to academic education, and how CTE students not only get real life skills through classroom and on the job training, but also are prepared to go on to higher education if they so choose.

So be sure to read this article, and if you have questions, contact your local Career Tech center for more information on how CTE is helping to change the workforce.

Source: Reframing how we talk about career and technical education | HuffPost


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