The man who put us through password hell regrets everything

Here is something that may just get your Thursday off to a good start.  Especially teachers and students who are just getting started with the new school year.  Remember when you were told you had to have a really tough password that kinda looks like this:  “QMEAwQd?BsYT4de=”  And then you were told to come up with some pneumonic way to remember it, like this:  QUEEN MUSIC EGG APPLE walmart QUEEN drip ? BESTBUY skype YELP TOKYO 4 drip egg =  Well, guess what…Mr. Bill made a mistake.  Or to quote Mr. Bill from Saturday night live, “OOOOOO Noooooo!”

This week, the NIST manager who recommended create really tough passwords, and changing them every 90 days went on the record as saying a password like the one listed above says now, that a password like “Tr0ub4dor&3” can be cracked in about 3 days, while a password like “CorrectHorseBatteryStaple” would take about 550 years

Now, I am not saying you need to go against your corporate or school district’s internal IT deparmental policy, I am saying you might want to look at the article, and perhaps make a decision to change your own password scheme.  Of course, I think I would avoid “TomDickAndJane”, “HueyDooeyAndLouie” or “MatthewMarkAndLuke” you may want to consider something easier for you to remember.  Make the terms a little more creative.

Again, please understand, I am NOT telling you to relax your passwording schemes.  Just giving you something to think about.  After all, I am not a whiz at figuring odds, and I did not spend the night in a Holiday Inn Express last night!!  And if you STILL want to use a long uncrackable password, you can go to this link and have one generated for you to your specification.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comments area be…what am I saying, you know the drill!

Source: The man who put us through password hell regrets everything


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