Here’s how fast your retina could burn looking at eclipse unprotected

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

OK.  It’s time to get serious about the Total Solar Eclipse that’s gonna occur Monday.  Yes, I was alive in 1979 when the last one occurred, and no there was no Internet or 24 hour a day media saturation like there is now, but I don’t remember this much hype placed on the event.

Nonetheless, folks should take heed to the warnings about how to view the eclipse, especially if you are teacher’s ad you are having your students trying to view it.  The link I included to the video explains why everyone should be careful how they view things.  I know when I look into a bright sun, I squint and pretty much close my eyes.   And I still get the sensation of looking directly into the sun.  But because the effect on your eyes will not be instantaneous, folks, especially kids, will want to keep looking.  Please spend a few minutes this weekend searching ways to safely view the eclipse with your students.

Also, for you media enthusiasts, unless you have the correct filters on your camera (DSLR of video or even cell phone) Don’t try to shoot the eclipse.  You don’t see it as much anymore on TV’s because they are tubeless, but you can still damage your camera optics (the real ones, not the term the political folks throw around).  I remember a time many years ago when I was producing a video for a company, and some one decided to flash a very low power laser pen across the lens of the camera.  Less than split second.  It burned the image of the squiggly movement into the optics permanently.  You can destroy your camera if you are not careful.  So while the thought may be to try to capture it for posterity, remember there will be another Total Solar Eclipse in about 7 years, and by then technology will most likely be better able to handle it,

And finally, be aware of the hype and lunacy surrounding this event.  Folks travelling all across the country to try to be in the path.  Gas stations running out of fuels.  Traffic jams in small cities.  Infrastructures being paralyzed due to the influx of visitors for a 3 minute event.  Tempers will no doubt flare.  Especially if the weather screws up their viewing.

So enjoy the event, but try to enjoy it safely and sanely.  As for me, I will most likely just sit in my office and watch it get dark outside and think I have worked all day already, and fall asleep at my desk.

Source: Here’s how fast your retina could burn looking at eclipse unprotected

I’ll close this out with Bonnie Tyler singing Total Eclipse of the Heart from 1983.




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