How to keep up with the Texas weather disaster

So I am a little bit late in getting this info posted.  But I have been sharing this info on Twitter and Facebook,  Now I want to get it all out at one time, in one spot.  Hurricane Harvey has been a monster, and is not going away anytime soon.  While the national entertainment media is trying to win themselves awards, your best bet for solid storm information is by checking out local news sources.  So here are some links to print and media sources you can follow for accurate LOCAL info.

Twitter Hashtags:  #HurricaneHarvey   #HoustonFlood
You can set up a free Tweetdeck account based on your Twitter account, and create real time, LIVE Twitter feeds on the disaster.  REMEMBER:  NOT ALL TWEETS ARE ACCURATE, so make sure you verify the report you read before you retweet it and cause a panic.

USNPL – US Newspaper List – Always make this your go to site for local newspaper coverage.  Local reporters usually have better coverage than national sites.  This site also provides links to state listings for TV stations and Radio stations as well.

The best local newspaper is the Houston Chronicle.  You should be able to get up to the minute reports and photos from local reporters who know the city and will cover everything.

Houston   KHOU
Houston   KPRC
Houston   KTRK

Victoria   KAVU

Texas TV List

You can never do better than hearing the actual police report.  Broadcastify has different police, fire, and emergency broadcasts from all over the world.  You can download their app, or just go to their page and listen to various scanners.  They do have alerts set up when scanners hit a certain number of listeners, which helps you know which scanners are up to something.  Here are some links for you to listen to covering this storm:
Harris County Sheriff and Constable
Harris County Scanners – All

Here is the link to the Houston TransStar Transit map showing road conditions and closures –

My favorite weather site is Wunderground.  And my favorite feature is the Wundermap.  It is interactive, and can give you most of the features that your local meteorologists can give you.


Weather Forecast –
Wundermap –

Weather Forecast –
Wundermap –

Here’s hoping everyone comes through this thing.  If you have other links you want to share, please leave them in the comments box.


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