Apps for Emergency Situations

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As we sit here two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, and just a few days before the potential arrival of Hurricane Irma, I wanted to take a moment to share some apps that you might find useful specifically in weather related emergency situations, but also for every day usage.  Keep this in mind:  these apps require internet connectivity, cellular data (minimum 2G) or WiFi, in order to work in ANY situation.  So keeping that in mind, let’s get started.

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy is an app for Android and iOS.  It lets you find gas stations in your area, let’s you know the price, and theoretically, if the station has gas.   You can also access this site on your laptop.

Flight Aware
Flight Aware is an Android and iOS app that allows you to track flights across the world.  You can see if an airport is closed, open, delayed and many other things.  You can also see a representation of weather radar while tracking flights.   You can also access this site on your laptop.

Storm Radar
This app is a product of Weather Underground, which in case you were not aware, is owned by the same company that owns and operates the Weather Channel.  Available in Android or iOS, it gives you the ability to track t=storms, weather watches and alerts, and yes, even tropical weather.  It also has a feature to let you know when lightning is within a 100 mile area.  Good to use, and lightweight on your device.  It also has the ability to automatically follow you wherever you are to set up the lightning and weather alerts.

This Android or iOS app gained fame during the water rescues during and after Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  People were using it to contact rescuers to let them know where they needed assistance.  This is a really good app, but REMEMBER…you MUST have internet connectivity in order to use it.  You can also access Zello on your laptop.

Google Photos
This Android or iOS app will allow you to upload your photos and videos to the cloud for storage.  Why do I mention this?  If you have a lot of damage and are taking a lot of photos or videos for documentation purposes, you don’t want to run out of space on your mobile device.  So you can upload to Google straight from your device.  Also, if you happen to lose your device or it is damaged during an emergency situation, your photos and videos are safe. You can also access Google Photos on your laptop.

If you have other apps you feel would be helpful in an emergency situation, please share in the comments area below.


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