New trend in storm coverage?

Just wanted to take a moment to make on observation about some of the Hurricane Irma media coverage in Florida.  In most major live ongoing events, TV stations compete with each other to get better coverage than their other local stations.  What does this lead to?  It leads to a lot of everybody reporting from the same location, and getting in each other’s shots.  It also limits how much coverage you really get.

I am pleased to see two Fort Myers, Florida stations teaming up to work TOGETHER during Hurricane Irma to bring you the best of all worlds.  You get to go to one feed and see your favorite, most trusted meteorologists and news anchors, while getting more reporting from more locations, because they are not competing with one another.  It also takes a bit of a load of the tech needs of trying to microwave signals back to different stations.

Cooperation.  What a concept!

The two stations that are teaming up are WBBH NBC 2 and WZVN ABC 7, both in Fort Myers.  You can click their links above to visit their individuals websites, or you can click this link here to the shared LIVE stream via YouTube.  Great teamwork and sharing.

Speaking of sharing, as in all LIVE events, social media is streaming with copious amounts of information, some accurate, some rumors.  Because some storm evacuees only have access to social media to keep up with the storms, please be sure that what you retweet or share is accurate.  There will be lots of fake photos and wild rumors of what is going on.  So please, when dealing with social media reports, do this first:  VERIFY before you sharify.  I know sharify is not a real word, but hey, I am neither a poet or nor a wordsmith.

If you have any observations about how folks are using technology to better handle the situation with Hurricane Irma, please share it in the comments area below.


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