Following football the old fashioned way

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With today’s tv contacts that allow just about every football team to appear on TV on some network every week, it might tend to make you salivate like Pavlov’s dog.  The only problem is, maybe your team is going to appear on a network you get, or maybe it won’t.  And maybe the broadcast team will be value added on the broadcast, or maybe they will just be self serving.  So how do you get around it, and still enjoy football from anywhere in the US?

I found the answer this weekend.  I had downloaded another app to check it out, and while I was downloading it, I saw a couple of other apps that were recommended.  Note to self:  it never hurts to check out recommended apps.

So the app I found is called College Football Radio and it is presented by a programer named Todd Brady.  The reason I mention the programmer’s name is that while it is easily found on Google Play, you have to make sure which app you are getting through iTune, and be sure to look for it under iPhone only apps, although it will work on an iPad..  But I digress.

When you open the app, you see the entire list of NCAA games being played, with the current score, which is already a plus in my book.  Click on the Teams tab, and you can see every NCAA FBS and FCS team.  Want to follow just specific teams by default?  No problem,  tap on the star beside your favorite team or teams, and viola, you have just narrowed your list to follow.

Now the great thing about this app is, you can find your team, then either listen directly to their radio broadcast, or the team they are playing.  So if I am in say Mississippi and I want to listen to Yale when they play Harvard, all I have to do is click on the Yale link, and pick their feed.  Of course, if you just want to surf around to what game interests you, just scroll down the list of active games, and tap the Listen link.

Pretty cool.

Now another app I found, is by the same programmer, but it is for NFL broadcasts.  If you are like me and grew up listening to Hap Glaudi on WWL broadcasting the New Orleans Saints games back in the 70’s, you will love this.  Again, scroll through the list of games, tap the Listen link, and listen to the local broadcast.  I know this is available for Droid users, but I have not located it yet for iOS users.

So if you want to roll back the clock, and relive my childhood (since I know most of you are decades younger than me) check out these apps, pick a team, then sit out on the porch on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, catch some fresh air, and listen to a ballgame.

If you have any comments or suggestion for other apps to try, be sure to drop a note in the comments box below.  Sometimes I wonder if it works, because not to many folks seem to take advantage of it…even though it’s free!!


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