What the heck is a bomb cyclone?

Image courtesy www.popsci.com

Image courtesy http://www.popsci.com

Soooo, this week, the media introduced most of us non-meteorological types to the term “bomb cyclone”.  And they hyped it like it was gonna be a storm on a level with Stephen King’s “Storm of the Century” mini series.  Of course, EVERYTHING these days is “THE” biggest thing to ever hit mankind.  Anyway, ran across this article today about what exactly a bob cyclone is.  Take a gander at a very nice article, then you make the call whether all the hype is just the media trying to whip everyone up to a frenzied pitch or not.  My thinking:  Tell folks what is what, but leave the hype and hyperbole to Stephen King.

Source: What the heck is a bomb cyclone? | Popular Science


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