Trying to reason with hurricane season

Click on the image to try our app at NO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALLATION NEEDED!!!

With all credit to Jimmy Buffett, hurricane season is upon us, and everyone from Texas to North Carolina are trying to reason with hurricane season.  Every time a tropical system pops up and threatens to introduce itself to the US coastline, folks scramble to find information on the storm.  Of course, they bounce all over the place trying to get info, because it seems nothing is all in one place…weather info here, news and emergency information there, social media EVERYWHERE!!!

2So we decided to create and publish this app to follow severe weather, wherever and whenever.  We have compiled all the information we could think of, and published it as a progressive web app, or PWA.  It has the same features and functionalities of a native mobile app that you have to download from Apple or Android, BUT you DO NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT OR INSTALL IT on your device to access it!! Just tap the link, follow the prompts, and you are good to go.  You’ll see a shortcut on your mobile device homescreen, and tap it to access the app.  The really good thing about the app is that it will work on your desktop or laptop computer too, Apple, Windows, or Linux.

4The best part about it is that you can access the app with limited Internet accessibility because the interface is browser based, and caches information just like anytime you visit a website.  Plus, you can easily share it with friends or relatives who need the information as well simply by taping the share button.  We will update the app as weather conditions warrant, be it tropical weather, wild fires, winter storms, or other severe weather events.

So tap this link to give our app a look, share it with others, share your favorite weather related links for us to add to the app, and give us feedback please.

And since I mentioned it earlier, here is Jimmy Buffett and “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season”.



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