I am recently retired after having worked in the area of video production, Web design, LMS System administrator and e-learning development for over 32 years. As a video producer, I shot, voiced over, and edited several hundred industry-specific, customized training videos, and was responsible for introducing non-linear digital editing to his organization.

I moved into the E-learning area to enable the merging of manual-based, video-based, and Web-based content into e-learning modules. I have produced over 100 E-Learning modules for business and industry.

Next, I found myself working as lead Canvas system administrator and tech support for the Research and Curriculum Unit, as well as creating some e-learning courses, and even teaching a few here and there.  I also work to find, test, and recommend software and web based apps that will help educators in the classroom and  industry.

Now that I have retired, I find myself still helping out folks with technology, elearning, Canvas, and online courses.  I also have returned to some basic media production, photography, and web design, as well as delving into mobile app creation.

If you have any questions, you can email me at craig@OurAppsRock.com or follow me on Twitter @CraigJackson or we can set up a webinar or consulting session via my FreeConferenceCall wall