During the solar eclipse, animals will be extremely confused

So tomorrow in the big day.  The eclipse of the century (until the next one April 8, 2024).  Humans have their solar shades, or at least have been told about them and warned about the dangers of looking at the eclipse Monday.  But what about our furry friends?  Has anyone thought about them?

From what I have read, dogs and cats could be susceptible to retina burns just like you and me.  Pets can also be confused with what is happening.

So read this article, and think about your pets and decide how to best help them handle the eclipse tomorrow.

Source: During the solar eclipse, animals will be extremely confused – The Washington Post

Here’s how fast your retina could burn looking at eclipse unprotected

Image courtesy http://wwltv.com

Image courtesy http://wwltv.com

OK.  It’s time to get serious about the Total Solar Eclipse that’s gonna occur Monday.  Yes, I was alive in 1979 when the last one occurred, and no there was no Internet or 24 hour a day media saturation like there is now, but I don’t remember this much hype placed on the event.

Nonetheless, folks should take heed to the warnings about how to Continue reading

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