Own a Mac, PC or smartphone? A major security flaw means you need to do this now

Back in 1999, everybody freaked out about the Millennium Bug (Y2K Bug), thinking computers would not know how to handle the calendar change from 1999 to 2000.  Well, if you thought that was scary, hold my beer!!

Most of us became aware yesterday that due to a flaw in Intel, ARM, and AMD CPUs, that some computers might have been vulnerable to a couple of exploits known as Spectre and Meltdown.  You can read about them here.  Well today, we found out that ALL CPU chips since 1995 are susceptible to these exploits.  Not only that, mobile devices are in the line of fire as well. Talk about pucker time!!

But alas, as with all things technological, programmers are Continue reading


What the heck is a bomb cyclone?

Image courtesy www.popsci.com

Image courtesy http://www.popsci.com

Soooo, this week, the media introduced most of us non-meteorological types to the term “bomb cyclone”.  And they hyped it like it was gonna be a storm on a level with Stephen King’s “Storm of the Century” mini series.  Of course, EVERYTHING these days is “THE” biggest thing to ever hit mankind.  Anyway, ran across this article today about what exactly a bob cyclone is.  Take a gander at a very nice article, then you make the call whether all the hype is just the media trying to whip everyone up to a frenzied pitch or not.  My thinking:  Tell folks what is what, but leave the hype and hyperbole to Stephen King.

Source: What the heck is a bomb cyclone? | Popular Science

Cold weather: Don’t leave these things in your car when temps fall

Happy New Year to everyone.  I know some of you have started back to work or school, while some, like me, are still retired.  No matter the case, it’s still cold out there, and everyone should pay close attention to Mother Nature.  Another thing everyone should pay attention to is what they leave in their automobile.  Here’s a nice article on what you should NOT leave in a car if temps fall below freezing, but below zero for sure.

And I will throw in a couple of items they did not mention.  Pets, plants, and people.  Cold is cold, regardless of whether you are human, animal, mineral, or plant.  So stay warm, and know that the temps will warm again soon.

Source: Cold weather: Don’t leave these things in your car when temps fall