Wireless Ransomware Is Coming For Your Canon EOS Camera

So today as I was browsing through my YouTube channel subscriptions as I generally do 3 or 4 times a day, I ran across an interesting video from Adorama.  They do weekly review of digital news and such.  The latest version, which came out around noon on August 19, 2019 leads with a story about Canon DSLRs Continue reading


Data breach, cyber attack: Hackers use ransomware, phishing on schools

School is back in session.  How do I know?  All the “First day of school” photos circulating on social media!  Which brings me to the subject of today’s post:  Cyber security.  Before I retired, I was Continue reading

FTC warns of Equifax settlement scam involving fake websites

If you’re wondering why this article is being pressed to a tech blog, it’s simple:  the scam is be run via websites!  And now with the latest data breach, more folks will probably be dealing with Equifax and settlements.

So check out this article, and remember, before you give out any personal data over a website, make sure the address starts with “https://” which means the site has an SSL layer that should protect your info.  Even at that, make sure the site is one you trust.  If it looks fake, try to research it and find out who owns the domain, and if you still have concerns, find their contact info and call them on the phone.

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Source: FTC warns of Equifax settlement scam involving fake websites