Cutting the cord and prepping for storms

Couple of things for your consideration today.  There’s a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and when storms come ashore, cable goes down, limiting you to your mobile device to keep up with everything.

First, consider accessing the Severe Weather Trax app.  It is a free mobile solution that requires NO download and NO installation.  The app works on Android, iPhones, laptop computers, and even Blackberry.  Just click here, and follow the prompts.  If you want to read about it here, and access it on your mobile device, the link is It will be constantly updated during this storm and any future storms as well.

Second, when a storm hits, and cable lines are blown down, you can still most likely access the Internet via your mobile device and cellular provider.  You may want to consider taking this opportunity to check out a cable cutting streaming service called 1SourceTV.  I have been using this service for six months.  It offers a full fledged, no holds barred, 3 day FREE trial, and you DO NOT have to enter a credit card to access it.  At the end of 3 days, you can sign up for $30 USD per month, with no contract.  You go month to month.  Over 400 channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, WeatherNation, and more sports and entertainment channels than you can shake a stick at.  AND, you get FOUR passcodes, so you can use it on FOUR devices at once.  All for $30 USD.

PLUS, you get a sizable (and I use that term so as not to limit or over state the amount) amount of TV Shows (current and past) that you can watch on demand, and movies.  All in HD.

The services works on Android, iPhone, Mac laptops, Windows, and Amazon FireTV stick.  It works in any country with high speed internet connectivity.   Just sign up by clicking here, download the app for your preferred device, get the passcodes from your email, and soup’s on!!

So to wrap things up, if you or your friends are in the potential path of Hurricane Micheal, please share this link with them to access our Severe Weather Trax app, and also share with them the link to cut the cord and still be able to keep up with the storm this week., 

Thanks, and as always, your feedback is appreciated.



Hurricane Florence sets wireless providers’ recovery plans in motion

As Hurricane Florence continues it’s trek to the Atlantic coast of the United States, cellular providers are prepping their systems to be fully operational in the aftermath of the storm, and future storms.  They are sending out fleets, or should I call them herds, of temporary portable cellular towers and networks to keep users connected to the country.

Click on the image to try our app at NO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALLATION NEEDED!!!Be sure to read this article, and if you are in the projected path of the storm, charge your phones, and check out this app that will keep you updated on the storm and recovery efforts in the aftermath.  The app is FREE and does not require any download or installation.

Source: Hurricane Florence sets wireless providers’ recovery plans in motion

Trying to reason with hurricane season

Click on the image to try our app at NO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALLATION NEEDED!!!

With all credit to Jimmy Buffett, hurricane season is upon us, and everyone from Texas to North Carolina are trying to reason with hurricane season.  Every time a tropical system pops up and threatens to introduce itself to the US coastline, folks scramble to find information on the storm.  Of course, Continue reading