Las Vegas shooting: Google spread stories on wrong suspect from 4chan



Just a brief followup to my earlier post about Verify before you Sharify.

Even search engines can give up wrong or incorrect information.  Best intentions don’t always help.  Which is why I recommend follow a scanner, follow an OFFICIAL local social media outlet and follow local papers, tv, and radio outlets.

No need to be part of a potential problem by spreading the wrong info.

Source: Las Vegas shooting: Google spread stories on wrong suspect from 4chan


Verify before you sharify

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Verify BEFORE you Sharify.

What does that mean?  After all, sharify is not a real word.  Then again, neither is trickeration, but you hear it on college football broadcasts all the time.  But I am not gonna get off the topic at hand.  I’m talking about verifying details of items, news or otherwise, that you see posted on social media before you share it with the world.  Why?  Glad you asked.  I’m gonna tell you. Continue reading

New trend in storm coverage?

Just wanted to take a moment to make on observation about some of the Hurricane Irma media coverage in Florida.  In most major live ongoing events, TV stations compete with each other to get better coverage than their other local stations.  What does this lead to?  It leads to a lot of everybody reporting from the same location, and getting in each other’s shots.  It also limits how much coverage you really get.

I am pleased to see Continue reading