National Cheeseburger Day 2018: Get free food and discounts Tuesday

So today is Tuesday.  Or is it?  Actually, it’s Tuesday AND it’s National Cheeseburger Day!  Now who doesn’t like a good, thick, juicy cheeseburger?  Hey, I’m not leaving out vegans.  I bet there are vegan cheeseburgers too.  So do yourself a favor and check out the link below to find out all about great deals on cheeseburgers across the country.  You might even find a freebie or two in the list.

So share this with other, and be sure to use the comment section to share a note that let’s the world know how YOU like YOUR cheeseburger!!  Until then, give a listen to the great American poet/songwriter Jimmy Buffett and his big hit “Cheeseburger in Paradise”

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Any time there is an emergency event, rumors start running rampant.  While you never knew if the written word was true or not, you would probably give an image the benefit of the doubt, since you could see it with your own two eyes.  But with modern technology and Photoshop or GIMP, you might not be seeing what you think you are seeing.  Which is why FEMA set up a Florence Rumor Control page.  They will be making sure any false rumors that may be circulating will be stopped.

You can access our FREE Severe WX Trax app by tapping here.  We supply a one stop consolidated site with links to OFFICIAL local, state and national government media sites and social media feeds. And NO DOWNLOAD or INSTALLATION is needed.

So #TapOrApp to access it on your mobile device or home computer, and share the app with anyone who is in harm’s way or has loved ones who are.

And remember…VERIFY before you SHARIFY!

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Taking care of pets in emergency situations

Hurricane Image courtesy

Image courtesy

Hurricane season is in full swing, and that means evacuations to stay safe from the storms.  There are many things you need to do when preparing for a storm, including emergency checklists for your family, making sure all your financial and other important documents are safely stored and accounted for, and also, taking care of your pets.  You need to take your pets along with you when you evacuate, which could lead to some challenges from shelters and such.

So read this article, and check out the Pet Owner’s Emergency Preparedness Checklist in the WX Doc center of our app to make sure you have your pet taken care of just as you do with other family members.

Be sure to share any thoughts, comments, or links you would like others to be aware of.

Source: Hurricane Florence: Pet safety tips from the experts