Celly Text Message Information

As many of you may know, I have been experimenting with Celly to get timely messages out to people in situations where Twitter and Facebook may be a bit bulky.  The first major deployment of my alert system was during Hurricane Isaac.  It was pretty successful, with 32 users opting to follow our texts.  Now, as the emergency passes, I will be closing out the text messages for now.  I will be editing the items that are being tracked to be sent out via the specific Celly “cell” you are part of.  You do not have to opt out after a specific item is no longer on the front burner.  As other emergency situations arise, we will begin texting again, and you can receive them, or opt out at your pleasure.

In the meantime, here is a list of Celly instructions to help you with your subscription.

And thanks for being part of my Celly adventure.

Here are the Celly commands

Basic commands

Text commands to the phone number 23559 (23559 spells CELLY)
Join a cell


@cellName text
Send a message to a specific cell and set that cell as your current cell

@wildcats practice is rescheduled to 7pm

Send a message to your current cell

practice is rescheduled to 7pm

Mute a cell – stop receiving alerts on a cell and move it to your muted cell list
Usage: OFF (cellname)


Stop receiving alerts and forget about a specific cell, or list the cells you can stop
Usage: STOP (cellname)

Help commands

Show some basic Celly commands
Usage: CMD
Show help for the specified command, or if no command specified, generic info about Celly
Usage: HELP (command)

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