Progressive Web App Webinar Archive

We had a good session Thursday discussing Progressive Web Apps and how they can enhance and simplify your web presence.  For those of you who might have been interested but could not attend the live session, I am including the archive of that session in this post.  Of course, if you need more information on PWA’s feel free to contact me.


Free Webinar Thursday December 7

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Ok folks, it’s an age old question. “If it looks like a native mobile app, functions like a native mobile app, and drops an icon on your mobile device like a native mobile app, it’s a native mobile app, right?”  Well, maybe not.  Progressive Web Apps look like native apps, function like native apps, and even drop icons on your mobile device like a native app, BUT you can access and use a PWA WITHOUT HAVING TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL it like a native app.  Interested yet? Continue reading

Several states crack down on dog service fraud

Not that this has much to do with technology, other than the fact I read it online, but it is a topic that seems to be garnering more and more attention:  Service Animals.  I’m sure one or two of you have seen folks walk into a restaurant or sports grill or any public establishment with their dog with them.  And when stopped, they tell the property management it is their service animal.  This article discusses potential changes coming to how service animals are dealt with.

Please share your thoughts on the topic in the comments area below.  That way YOU help me put the TECH back in this blog!

PS…I am a big animal lover and supporter of service animals.  This is not an attempt to condemn service animals. Rather it is an attempt to pass on information I found online.

Source: Several states crack down on dog service fraud