Building Graphics on a Saturday

New Icon.pngWhen I retired in October of 2015, I started building apps and mobile friendly, mobile responsive websites.  One of the toughest parts of the job, especially with app designing and building, is finding the right button and icon in the right color, with the proper contrast from the rest of the app color scheme.  After looking around and trying lots of different ways to modify or create content on my own, I can now share with you a way you can build your icon or icon sets own using Creative Commons licensed icons, images and free software. Continue reading

Viral selfie app under fire for sneaky data collection

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Seems like every time you turn around, some new app is sweeping through the world.  Pokeyman (yes I KNOW that is not the name) made a gigantic appearance in the summer of 2016.  Of course turns out that folks were using the app to Continue reading

9 Dumb PowerPoint Mistakes You Always Make in Presentations

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Sometimes it seems I get on a roll and find lots of content I want to share with you.  This is one of those times.  In browsing I ran across this article on presentations.  It reminded me of some of the tips I got from my friend Tom Mucciolo many years ago.  Tom runs a presentation skills company in New York city called MediaNet.  He has a ton of great content and resources Continue reading