Apps for Emergency Situations

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As we sit here two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, and just a few days before the potential arrival of Hurricane Irma, I wanted to take a moment to share some apps that you might find useful specifically in weather related emergency situations, but also for every day usage.  Keep this in mind:  these apps require internet connectivity, cellular data (minimum 2G) or WiFi, in order to work in ANY situation.  So keeping that in mind, let’s get started. Continue reading


GasBuddy Gasoline Availability Tracker

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With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the southeastern part of the USA, and with Florida having issued some mandatory evacuations, gas is beginning to dry up in areas of south Florida.  Go to this site and bookmark it on your computer or mobile device.  GasBuddy will be assisting you in locating where you can get gas to aid in your hurricane prep and evacuation needs.

Please share this with others, and save the link in the event of other emergencies.

Source: GasBuddy Gasoline Availability Tracker

Weather Watching on a Monday Evening

So today is Labor Day here in the US.  And apparently hurricane season is deciding to get into full swing.  Less than 10 days ago, we were watching Hurricane Harvey, and tonight, we are beginning to get a handle on Hurricane Irma.  Just so that we have a jump on bad weather or disasters in the future, I have created an alert page for the site.  I will update it when situations arise, and as things begin to really take shape on a hurricane or winter storm, I will update and localize the site information.

Now might be a good time for you to work on digitizing all your important documents before Irma takes aim on the US this coming weekend, or just to get your documents in order before any storm or crisis situation hits.  You can review my post from last week if you want to refresh your memory on how to digitize your documents.

Feel free to share with me any other sites you may use during crisis situations, and I will include them on the page.