Major WIldfires in California

mapJust wanted to update my Emerging News pages to include the ongoing California Wildfires which started last night and are continuing to burn today.  Check the California page under the News Alerts menu on the home page.

You can also check out the scanner activity via this top feeds link.

And remember to take care of animals if you are in California and evacuating.



Hurricane Nate Information

hurricane_flags_36With Hurricane Nate bearing down on the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama, I have updated my site to reflect as much.

You can go to the menu at the top of the page, click news, then choose Mississippi or Alabama to keep track of how Nate might affect you later today and tomorrow.

I will be adding Louisiana a little later, as they are not looking at having a major event at this point.

Remember to use GasBuddy to check on availability of fuel.

If you have any site you think would be helpful, please add them in the comments area, and I will take a look at them to share.

Las Vegas shooting: Google spread stories on wrong suspect from 4chan



Just a brief followup to my earlier post about Verify before you Sharify.

Even search engines can give up wrong or incorrect information.  Best intentions don’t always help.  Which is why I recommend follow a scanner, follow an OFFICIAL local social media outlet and follow local papers, tv, and radio outlets.

No need to be part of a potential problem by spreading the wrong info.

Source: Las Vegas shooting: Google spread stories on wrong suspect from 4chan