Get prepared for a $1,400 iPhone

Great googily moogily.  $1,400 for a mobile phone?  Are you kidding me?  Be sure to check out this article, as you may be looking at the next space race.  two things that jump out at me: Continue reading

Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support

Years ago, I had the opportunity to field demo a Windows phone for a cell phone company.  It was an interesting demo, as Windows phones only run their own apps.  While the phone itself worked just fine, the lack of apps was killer.  Jump forward about 5 years and Microsoft has apparently decided to pull the plug on the Windows Phone adventure.  One of the biggest issue I saw with it then and now, is that there is no easy way to create apps for a Windows phone.

So farewell to the Windows Phone.  Looks like Android and Apple will just have to slug it out amongst themselves.

Source: Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support

Online harassment is on the rise. Americans want tech co.’s to stop it.

As I browsed through several websites this morning checking out headlines, I was struck by the one that posted “41% of American adults have been personally subjected to online harassment — an increase from two years ago — and 66% have witnessed it” Actually, two sites were reporting this figure.  This is a troublesome statement, and with school not far from starting up for the fall semester, I thought I might share a couple of things with you folks.

First, make sure Continue reading