How to Back Up Your Hard Drive to Google Drive

You can never go wrong by backing up data from your laptop or mobile device to a separate device, be it an external local drive, or to the cloud.  It is a very simple process to back up your content to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox or Box.  They range in space from 2 GB to 15 GB free, with the option to purchase additional storage for a very reasonable monthly fee.

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World Backup Day — March 31st

Today is March 31.  Normally not a big day.  However, little did I know that today World Backup Day.  And no, I am not referring to getting ins your car and backing it up.  Computer data.  Being an amateur photographer, I have many thousands of pictures from years past.  The worst feeling is when someone ask for a once in a lifetime photo and you go to your laptop only to find it has crashed.

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