The man who put us through password hell regrets everything

Here is something that may just get your Thursday off to a good start.  Especially teachers and students who are just getting started with the new school year.  Remember when you were told you had to have a really tough password that kinda looks like this:  “QMEAwQd?BsYT4de=”  And then you were told to come up with some pneumonic way to remember it, like this:  QUEEN MUSIC EGG APPLE walmart QUEEN drip ? BESTBUY skype YELP TOKYO 4 drip egg =  Well, guess what…Mr. Bill made a mistake.  Or to quote Mr. Bill from Saturday night live, “OOOOOO Noooooo!” Continue reading


Caught in AdultFriendFinder’s Massive Data Breach? Here’s What to Do

So it has happened again.  Another website hacked.  another 400 MILLION users with their information exposed to the world.  Why bring this up?  Simple.  The holiday shopping season is about to be upon us, and folks will try to hack sites and take personal info again.

A four suggestions to help keep America beautiful AND your personal data safe: Continue reading