Reframing how we talk about career and technical education

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It was about this time in 1983 that I joined the “real” workforce for the first time.  And my first job?  Producing training videos for the Mississippi Department of Vocational Technical Education.  Workforce Training.  Now while 1983 is a long time away from 2017, somethings are still a hot topic for discussion.  Predominantly, how we talk about what is now Career and Technical Education and how it is perceived.

During the four decades I spent on the job, things changed, Continue reading


Get free* Autodesk software for your school

3dp_fusion360_autodesk_logoLong ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. wait, that’s not right.  But Many years ago, I used many Autodesk products with my job.  Animator, 3D Studio, and AutoCad among them.  Of course, we had to pay for them.  Now, you can have access to these tools and more, for FREE, if you are an educator.

So check out the link below, and if you were not aware of this free offering from Autodesk, consider it a late Christmas gift from me to you.

And Happy New Year!!

Source: Educational Institutions | Autodesk

More Mississippi CTE Christmas Cheer

Wanted to share another couple of pictures of how CTE instructors and students are using the Christmas season as a training tool.  Was driving home at Thanksgiving, and saw a town square getting ready for Christmas.   Continue reading