Online harassment is on the rise. Americans want tech co.’s to stop it.

As I browsed through several websites this morning checking out headlines, I was struck by the one that posted “41% of American adults have been personally subjected to online harassment — an increase from two years ago — and 66% have witnessed it” Actually, two sites were reporting this figure.  This is a troublesome statement, and with school not far from starting up for the fall semester, I thought I might share a couple of things with you folks.

First, make sure Continue reading


Three New Year’s tech resolutions you must keep

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Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping 2017 will be a great year for you.  And here is an article that provides three great ideas for your cyber-protection this year:  Passwords, Backup, and Digitization.

We have talked about all three at this site at different times, and now is just as good a time as any to go for the hat trick.  With all the concerns over hacking and password breaches, Continue reading

Ransomware’s New Frontier: Here’s What Will Be Targeted in 2017

We’ve covered this before, but it bears continues mentioning.  Ransomware is a real and serious threat these days.  No, someone is not gonna come into your home and kidnap you and hold you for ransom.  But they will come into your computer and wreak havoc on your files.

More and ore folks keep their life history (documents, photos, videos, PDF files) on their computer.  They don’t Continue reading