It’s new and it’s bad: Yahoo discloses 1B account breach

I passed along some information in September about the 500 MILLION user account data breach at Yahoo, which was not announced until AFTER it had been sold to Verizon.  NOW we find out it is actually Continue reading


Caught in AdultFriendFinder’s Massive Data Breach? Here’s What to Do

So it has happened again.  Another website hacked.  another 400 MILLION users with their information exposed to the world.  Why bring this up?  Simple.  The holiday shopping season is about to be upon us, and folks will try to hack sites and take personal info again.

A four suggestions to help keep America beautiful AND your personal data safe: Continue reading

Major Mac flaw spills your passwords – Jun. 18, 2015

If you are a basketball fan, you are probably familiar with “Hack a Shaq”.  What does that have to do with this post?  Nothing really, except I am gonna tell you about “Hack a Mac” and other password breaches.  Saw today that Apple’s Keychain software can be hacked.  Why is it important to tell you this now?  On a Friday afternoon?

Because earlier this week, LastPass password manager got hacked, and exposed several million user’s passwords to hackers.  Again, so what?  Not like I use LastPass or a Mac.

Well, the reason is if hackers can hack highly encrypted password managers that probably randomly cycle through cypher keys (like I used to cycle through Coke Black) they can probably hack into your computer or personal passwords that most likely have not been changed in months, or years, if ever.  And yes, I am guilty of the same thing.  Why is that important?  They hack in, take your money and identity and anything else they want, and they they disappear with it.  You might not even realize it for a while.

So take a look at the three articles linked below, and consider taking some time pretty soon to change your passwords.

And you may want to set a schedule and a method to change your password every 3 months or 5,000 websites, just like you do with your oil.

So read on, and share your thoughts on this topic if you want.

Major Mac flaw spills your passwords – Jun. 18, 2015.

LastPass manager hacked

LastPass warns of data breach

LastPass Security Notice