Google Voice Gets an Update and Is More Useful Than Ever

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So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted something.  Some folks may wonder why I do not post something every day.  I could, but then my readership would be less than it is.  I only like to share really helpful items.  And Google Voice is one of them.

I have been using Google Voice probably since 2009 or 2010.  Being a tech support guy in my past life, a lot of my day was spent on the phone working with Continue reading


Free Conference Call Full Featured Free Conference Calling

So I have been absent for a few days.  Nothing new about that. But here is something that IS new.  Many of you who know me remember I have championed Free Conference Call for years.  Originally, this was a true conference call site that allowed up to 100 users on the call at the same time.  But time marches on, and so did Free Conference Call.  A few years back, they increased the limit to 500.  Then a few years ago, they rolled out free online meetings and webinars. Continue reading

Live Flight Tracker ✈ FlightAware

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So if you know me personally, you know I HATE to fly.  I always figured if I was meant to fly I would have wings on my back and a jet engine up my….well you get the idea.  But I recently ran across a great FREE site for tracking flights and checking airport delays and weather and so forth.  It has real time tracking and a ton of info.  SO if you or someone else is flying, you can track the info.

Also, it comes in Android and iOS flavored apps with the same features.  So if you have time, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.  Also, if you have a flight tracker you use and want to share, leave me a not in the comments please.

Source: Live Flight Tracker ✈ FlightAware