Google Voice Gets an Update and Is More Useful Than Ever

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So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted something.  Some folks may wonder why I do not post something every day.  I could, but then my readership would be less than it is.  I only like to share really helpful items.  And Google Voice is one of them.

I have been using Google Voice probably since 2009 or 2010.  Being a tech support guy in my past life, a lot of my day was spent on the phone working with Continue reading

6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

My background is originally in video production.  Now granted, that was in a different century AND millennium, and production techniques have changed, but I have tried to stay up with things.  I do understand the desire for the current generation to use their mobile devices to both gather and edit video.  And while I agree with Continue reading

How to Rotate a Video On Your Mac

And hello to all you Mac users.  Bet you were thinking my Christmas gift to you was going to be not sharing any Mac tips or articles for the rest of the year!!  No way…I could NEVER forget Mac users.  Today, in case you have accidentally shot a video on your mobile device in the wrong orientation, and need to rotate it for proper viewing on a computer, check out this article to see how it’s done.

And if you have a different method of changing the orientation of a video or picture from your mobile device to the standard orientation on a Mac desktop or laptop, feel free to share in the comments area below.

Source: How to Rotate a Video On Your Mac