Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support

Years ago, I had the opportunity to field demo a Windows phone for a cell phone company.  It was an interesting demo, as Windows phones only run their own apps.  While the phone itself worked just fine, the lack of apps was killer.  Jump forward about 5 years and Microsoft has apparently decided to pull the plug on the Windows Phone adventure.  One of the biggest issue I saw with it then and now, is that there is no easy way to create apps for a Windows phone.

So farewell to the Windows Phone.  Looks like Android and Apple will just have to slug it out amongst themselves.

Source: Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support


Here are the catches in Verizon’s unlimited data plan

Well it has finally happened.  Verizon decided to jump into the unlimited data fray with the other mobile providers.  It hit the news Sunday night, and the stores Monday morning.  And yes, as a Verizon customer, I decided to walk into the store and check out exactly what the term “unlimited” means. Continue reading

How to Spot an SMS Scam and What to Do Next

You may have noticed it lately.  You get a text from someone with a name you kinda recognize, from a number that looks like you’ve seen it before.  But wait….don’t click that link in the text.  It could be the text equivalent of phishing.

So take a look at this article, read up on how you should handle these text excursions, and be aware.  Especially with the holiday season not far from starting.

And as always, if you have any examples, stories, or tips, feel free to share them in the comments area.

Source: How to Spot an SMS Scam and What to Do Next