Google Voice Gets an Update and Is More Useful Than Ever

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So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted something.  Some folks may wonder why I do not post something every day.  I could, but then my readership would be less than it is.  I only like to share really helpful items.  And Google Voice is one of them.

I have been using Google Voice probably since 2009 or 2010.  Being a tech support guy in my past life, a lot of my day was spent on the phone working with Continue reading


5 Tools You Need to Finally Go Paperless

Ran across this article in my news feed yesterday.  I have long tried to be as paperless as possible.  I have also tried to minimize apps that I need on my phone and tablets.  The five categories listed in this article are a great start.

One thing I want to mention:  When looking for Continue reading

9 Instant Ways to Turn Your Emails into Tasks

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The week is rapidly coming to an end.  And as usual, I am behind on my emails and tasks that need to be handled.  And the worst part is that a lot of the tasks are generated by emails I receive.  Now if you are like me, and I know you are hoping you aren’t, you could probably use some method to turn those emails into a task list that you can check off though out the day.

Take a look at this article and see if there are any apps that look like they might be for you.  I can tell you that I have used 5 of the apps listed (Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote and Asana) and found them useful.  Wunderlist was my favorite.   And they even have suggestions on how to make Gmail into a task list.   So you never know what will jump out at you and help you manage things a little more efficiently.

If you have any other apps you think might be helpful for folks, share it in the comments area below please.

Source: 9 Instant Ways to Turn Your Emails into Tasks