Reframing how we talk about career and technical education

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It was about this time in 1983 that I joined the “real” workforce for the first time.  And my first job?  Producing training videos for the Mississippi Department of Vocational Technical Education.  Workforce Training.  Now while 1983 is a long time away from 2017, somethings are still a hot topic for discussion.  Predominantly, how we talk about what is now Career and Technical Education and how it is perceived.

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Webinar: Tech Ninja 8/9

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If you are a new teacher, and you are looking for ways to enhance your classroom effectiveness, you may want to check out this link.  FREE webinar.  The biggest drawback is it is a 5 hour-long series of webinars.  But you will learn a lot about classroom management, tech tools you can use, copyright information so you stay legal, and creating lesson plans.

So if you think you might have time, or be interested, check out the link below.  I have participated in their webinars before, and they are first class.

Source: Webinar: Tech Ninja 8/9

7 Best STEM Tools for Your Class

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He’s baaaaaaack!  STEM teachers in Mississippi thought they had gotten rid of me last October when I retired.  Not so fast!!!  I can’t break the habit of looking for things that can maybe help teachers in the classroom.  Check out these tools I found at SimpleK12.  You may want to bookmark them because they also have very informative FREE webinars.

Enjoy this in the classroom tomorrow while I am sitting at home sipping on my coffee!

Source: 7 Best STEM Tools for Your Class