Are you a Yahoo user? Here’s what you should do

Once again, in what is becoming a commonplace occurrence, another online website announced that it has been hacked.  This time, it is Yahoo.  And this time, it was nearly a half billion users.  While anyone who has an online account with any site, from your local newspaper to a national chain store is at risk of having their information stolen.  And while there is never a sure way to keep your information or finances 100% safe, Continue reading


Verizon increases plan prices, adds more data

I was going through some of my RSS feeds yesterday and ran across this article.  I try to be sure to verify all articles I read, especially when it comes to news that I do not witness first hand.  So when I saw this article, I waited until I saw the news in a more mainstream media outlet.

Now that this is out, Continue reading

The Journey Begins

Windows 8x HTC Smartphone

Windows 8x HTC Smartphone

As I mentioned in December, I am getting the opportunity to demo and evaluate and basically just play with new mobile technology this year.  My first device is a Windows 8x HTC Smartphone.  I got the phone last week, and finally got around to opening the box and doing a video of the unboxing.  Continue reading